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Differentiation Book/CD Set
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Price: $47.95
Dr. Bertie Kingore

Bertie Kingore

GRADES: K - 12
Book and Interactive CD-ROM
ISBN: 0-9716233-3-3 and 0-9716233-6-8

By them together for a discount!



In working with wonderful teachers across the nation, the common thread of concern is how to do it all. Teachers want to differentiate. They certainly view it as important to their students, but they continue to experience frustration at the vastness of the task. How-to questions prevail. Management questions repeat themselves in district after district. Therefore, the focus of this book is to simplify the implementation of differentiation to increase its practice. Specific aids and examples are included because teachers found them particularly beneficial to simplify the planning and preparation process of differentiated instruction.

Over 50 reproducible figures to aid differentiation in the classroom!

Table of Contents
1 • Developing a Background in Differentiation
2 • Instructional Strategies that Impact Differentiation
3 • Can Do! Success-Filled Differentiation
4 • Understanding and Accommodating Advanced Potential
5 • Grouping to Enhance Differentiation
6 • Management Strategies that Impact Differentiation
7 • Eliciting Advanced Achievement
8 • Tiered Instruction
9 • Assessment Strategies that Impact Differentiation
10 • Integrating Learning Standards
__ A • Buddies: Older Students as Mentors and Collaborative Learners
__ B • Product Options for Differentiated Instruction
__ C • The Standards-Plus Rubric Poster
__ D • The Gifted Reader's Bill of Rights

Plus dozens of teacher tips, reflection prompts, and examples!

This interactive CD-ROM includes over 65 customizable forms, rubrics, task activity boards, and figures, including bonus reprinted forms that are discussed in the text of the book, such as the following.

  • Venn variations
  • KWR variations
  • Status notes
  • Analysis Grid
  • Cube a Thought
  • Concepts maps
  • Read and Listen
  • Topic Frame

This CD-ROM is fully interactive, and almost all of the forms are completely customizable. For each form, you can:

  • Print any page for your reference,
  • Customize them to suit your specific needs,
  • Save* any changes you have made, and/or

Have your students complete them on the computer!


• Macintosh OS X or Windows
• Adobe® Acrobat (version 6.0.1 or later)*

*If you use Acrobat Reader®, all forms will still be customizable, but you will not be able to save changes.



Dr. Bertie Kingore is an international consultant who has worked with students, their teachers, and their parents for over 30 years. Recognized for her humorous and practical presentations, her energetic sessions leave teachers revitalized and eager to implement her shared ideas and learning experiences in their own classrooms. She has received many honors including the Outstanding Alumnus Award from the University of North Texas where she earned her Ph.D. She is a past President of the Texas Association for the Gifted and Talented and was also recognized as the Texas Gifted Educator of the Year.

Jeffery Kingore has a double B.A. in English and Psychology from the University of North Texas and has designed seventeen publications for state departments and national publishers. He has also produced eight interactive CD-ROMs and designed websites for international companies and consultants.


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