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Gifted Education Seminar: National Edition
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Price: $93.95
Dr. Bertie Kingore

Bertie Kingore, Carolyn Coil, Jim Delisle, Frances Karnes, and Kristen Stephens

GRADES: K - 12
Flash drive including over 45 hours of interactive training for one person
A copy of Differentiation: Simplified, Realistic, and Effective
A copy of Differentiation Interactive CD-ROM
BN: 978-0-9885255-2-8

Software requirements: Windows 2000 or newer, Mac OS 10.4 or newer
(The software is not compatible with Mac OS Lion.)

Experience an economical means for teacher training in gifted instruction!
Discover a new type of professional development for gifted education!

Developed and field-tested by the Illinois State Board of Education

Through the Gifted Education Seminar, teachers learn to create an environment to identify gifted and talented learners, address diverse needs, and explore more effective ways to differentiate instruction. It is designed to provide all teachers a solid foundation in gifted education as well as an exceptional launching point for further studies. This computer-based training has been carefully constructed to create a unique experience with many interactive learning activities as well as authentic audio and video resources from gifted experts, including Bertie Kingore, Carolyn Coil, Jim Delisle, Frances Karnes, and Kristen Stephens. Participants can complete the training in professional development settings, study groups, or individually.

Modules and Sub-modules:

  1. Perspectives Topics:
    • Definition of Gifted
    • Facts and Misconceptions
    • Landmark Studies
    • Brain Research on Gifted Learners
  2. Knowing the Gifted Topics:
    • Characteristics of Gifted Learners
    • Social and Emotional Needs
    • Special Populations
    • Instruments and Procedures
  3. Differentiation Topics:
    • Strategies
    • The Learning Environment
    • Content
    • Process
    • Products
  4. Curriculum and Program Topics:
    • Five Models Designed for Gifted Education
    • One Model Modified for Gifted Education

Emphasis is placed on practical application of theoretical principles, and inclusion of underrepresented populations is continually addressed. The Gifted Education Seminar is appropriate for all educators.

Including face-to-face instruction combines direct instruction, participant engagement through various flexible grouping strategies, and use of the flash drive instruction for independent work. The focus is on major concepts in gifted education, concrete practice, explicit connections to the classroom, and development of action plans.